Episode 22: Michael Goldberg

Invitation to a Brave Space

Michael Goldberg is an alchemist of spirits and founder of Brave Hospitality. Join us for a conversation with this introspective leader who is reshaping the hospitality industry in Pittsburgh and beyond. 

As Micky Scottbey Jone’s poem so eloquently states, “We will not be perfect. This space will not be perfect. It will not always be what we wish it to be. But it will be our brave space together, and we will work on it side by side”

Michael’s work within the industry mirrors the ethos that our efforts may not always be perfect, but he will stand side by side with those he collaborates with as they work towards perfection together.

To keep up with Michael and learn more about Brave Hospitality and other projects he is involved with follow him on instagram @michaelg78


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