Episode 36: Life among Entertainment Legends featuring Ed Traversari

With more than 46 years of live entertainment expertise, Ed Traversari has been a part of the entertainment scene in Western PA and beyond. He has worked for Pittsburgh concert promoters company DiCesare Engler Productions as a production manager, talent booker, director of marketing and general manager of the Chevrolet Amphitheatre at Station Square. Join us inContinue reading “Episode 36: Life among Entertainment Legends featuring Ed Traversari”

Episode 35: Emerging Influencers within a Multipolar World featuring Steve Adelkoff

Steve Adelkoff returns to the studio to explore global events shaping our economies, regional conflict, currency valuation, Anti-Fragile systems, and so much more. This episode will begin to provide some insight as well as pose questions worth pondering given the amount of historic change happening around us daily. Podcast Platforms

Episode 34: London based Creative with a Passion for Travel featuring Kate Bodner

Kate is a London based Creative that has blended her love for the Performing Arts with Augmented and Virtual Reality. Having lived in Ireland, Australia, and now London, she is embarking upon an exciting career after completing her Master’s Degree in Big Data Culture & Society at Kings College London. We look forward to sharingContinue reading “Episode 34: London based Creative with a Passion for Travel featuring Kate Bodner”

Episode 33: Dreams as Big as the Sky featuring Kate Gunderson

Kate Gunderson has always had her eyes turned towards the stars and infinite possibilities. After landing a spot in NASA’s coveted Pathways Intern Program, she secured a full-time offer and dream job at NASA’s Johnson Space Center immediately upon graduating from college. In early 2022, Kate made the difficult decision to leave her dream jobContinue reading “Episode 33: Dreams as Big as the Sky featuring Kate Gunderson”

Episode 32: New Year’s Resolutions featuring Dr. Britney Brinkman

Patrick, Dennis, and Angelo are excited to return to the studio to speak with Dr. Britney Brinkman about New Year’s Resolutions as well as answer student questions related to internships, moving beyond the pandemic, and the great pizza debate. Click here to learn more about Dr. Brinkman Podcast Platforms

Episode 29: Travis Ludlow

Travis LudlowYoungest Solo Pilot World Record On May 29th, Travis Ludlow will embark upon the journey of a lifetime while seeking the opportunity to become the youngest pilot to circumnavigate the globe. Join us in the studio to talk with Travis about his upcoming adventure. Connect with Travis at: https://aroundtheworldsolo.co.uk/ Follow him on Instagram @travisludlow_aroundtheworld

Episode 28: Ryan Farran

“”Aviation & Purpose in Papua New Guinea” Ryan FarranMissionary Bush Pilot Missionary Bush Pilot Ryan Farran has blended his desire to serve others with his love of aviation. Join us in the studio to learn more about his background and journey that has taken him to the beautiful Melanesian island of Papua New Guinea. YouContinue reading “Episode 28: Ryan Farran”